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DR301-95, DR201-95 and DR101-60 Digital Hand-held Refractometers
  • DR301-95
  • The digital handheld refractometer DR301-95 has more functions than a simple handheld refractometer and at the same time is more cost-effective than a desktop unit. Besides the refractive index, sugar and salt scales, up to two other user-defined scales can be programmed. To do this, the handheld refractometer can be connected to a PC via a serial interface.
    The software supplied with it allows results to be managed and printed out. While the instrument can be operated as a mobile unit with a 9 V block battery, the optionally available power supply unit turns the DR301-95 into a small laboratory refractometer.
    The sample plate is made of stainless steel and is so flat that it can be cleaned quickly and easily. The instrument is calibrated simply with distilled water and has an optional temperature compensation feature.
    For incoming goods control applications, an upper andlower tolerance alarm can be entered.
  • DR201-95 und DR201-95OE
  • The DR201-95 is a compact digital handheld refractometer which eliminates any user-related reading errors of manual handheld refractometers. Specially developed for fast and easy quality control and process control, it has a wide measuring range for a refractive index scale and a sugar scale. One DR201-95 can thus often replace several existing instruments. For wine-growing, a special model is available with an Oechsle scale instead of a sugar scale.
    Both instruments are low-maintenance and are calibrated simply with distilled water. The 1.5 V battery lasts for over 1000 measurements.
  • DR101-60
  • As an entry-level model in digital refractometry, the DR101-60 covers many areas of application where the wide measurement range of the DR201-95 is not required. It offers excellent value for money, in terms of both procurement and operation. Calibration is also with distilled water. The waterproof case allows the DR101-60 to be rinsed under running water.
    This digital handheld refractometer also has an automatic temperature compensation feature, of course.
HR-Serie | Manual Hand-held Refractometers
  • Manual handheld refractometers are for fast everyday use. They are particularly easy to use and very sturdy.
    Various scales and additional functions ensure that there is exactly the right handheld refractometer for many application areas. This makes for reliability when reading, as the measured value does not first have to be converted.
    Some models have an automatic temperature compensation feature. which increases measurement precision for measurements which are performed at 10-40 C instead of 20 C. For calibration, distilled water is required, or else a small calibration plate is provided.

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