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  • The Tergotometer is a versatile laboratory scale multiple washing machine which simulates the action of a domestic washing machine. Typical applications include:
  • • Evaluation of the effectiveness of soap, detergents, etc.
  • • Washability and colour fastness of fabrics and other materials.
  • • Optimisation of temperature, speed and water hardness parameters applicable to different detergents.
  • • Routine screening for dirt removal, brightening, softening, foaming, scale build-up, etc.
  • The unit has eight test stations each comprising a 1000 mL test vessel located in a clear view acrylic water bath. The temperature of the water bath is controlled by an external digital heater/circulator which is adjustable between ambient and 70 degrees C. A refrigeration unit can be provided as an optional extra if temperatures are required below ambient (down to 0 degrees). In this case, the number of test stations is reduced to 7.
  • Agitation (50 - 200 rpm) is provided by a series of eight stirrers located in each vessel which produce a scaled down version of larger machines. Provision is made for controlling and monitoring the speed and temperature during the test. Plain 316 stainless steel paddles are available as an option, or paddles which allow pieces of fabric to be attached to them are available on request.
  • A special modification to allow for reverse rotation of the paddle to the following specification is available on request: stirrer rotation 10 revolutions (360 degrees) clockwise followed by 1 second pause followed by 10 revolutions anti-clockwise ad infinitum throughout the test
Cat. No. Description
6401 Tergotometer (Ambient to 70 degrees C)
6402 Refrigeration Unit (Ambient to 0 degrees C)
6403 Modification to allow for reverse rotation of the Stirrers
6404 Set of 8 Stainless Steel Paddles (option)