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Particle Measuring Systems for Liquids

KLOTZ Particle Measuring System Syringe®, Particle Counter Abakus® mobil fluid, Particle Co
unter TCC, Particle Measuring System CSS-Fluid
파티클 카운터 - Liquids
Particle Measuring Systems for Liquids
Precision particle counting system for the lab Particle counters are applied for contamination control of liquids.
Particles residing in the liquid are detected and counted in the respective size class. For the testing of liquids in containers the lab system Syringe® is primarily used.

The portable counter – a true allrounder!

The mobile measuring system Abakus® mobil fluid (Amf) is applied for on-site measurements. This prevents the sample from being contaminated by a container.
The device is designed to take samples from pressure lines and containers. The measured value memory and the PC evaluation software make the device suitable for online purposes (optional
built-in cupboard – see illustration). The rechargeable battery pack allows for field measurements of up to 3 hours.

Online measuring system wherever around-the-clock quality is required!

For online measurements there is the measuring system TCC3 available with three adjustable size classes. The device features a display for on-site representation of the number of particles.
Readout is via the voltage output or the adjustable threshold switch. The device can be easily integrated (or networked) into a process cycle.

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