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Trickle(Flowability) tester

HAVER® A loose material’s pourability can be easily determined using the HAVER® TRICKLE TESTER.
Trickle(Flowability) tester
A loose material’s pourability can be easily determined using the HAVER® TRICKLE TESTER.

The time needed for the material to flow from a discharge hopper and its pouring characteristics are evaluated. Depending on the material properties, different types of hoppers with different diameters are used. The quality of a product can be monitored and quality deviations can be detected as a result.
Differences between fresh and previously stored products, batch differences, different grades, product layering or material admixtures can be qualified. In addition separation properties can be determined.

Areas of application
  • products capable of trickling that flow into a process with precise repeatability and control, e.g. in:
  • • silo systems
  • • filling systems
  • • transport and logistics
  • • production
Proof of our product quality
  • necessary analysis of product properties in the production process
  • • set of hoppers allows a broad range of application
  • • product classification by hopper size
  • reliable results with respect to possible filling speeds
  • • transportable, can be used at various locations
  • • molded hand grips allow ergonomic handling
  • • standard electrical supply is all you need
  • easy operation
  • • everything included inside a housing; display and operating controls are logically positioned
  • Additional components
  • • automatic monitoring and reporting of measured results at a PC
  • • stopwatch with PC interface, including software HAVER® TRICKLE TESTER in operation
  • HAVER® TRICKLE TESTER 25 kg 500 mm 700 mm 330 mm 100 – 240 V AC 0 – 9999.99 sec

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