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입자ㆍ입도ㆍ분체 특성장비 초음파발생장치셋

Ultrasonic frequency set

Haver ufa. ultrasonic frequency variation for test sieves.
Ultrasonic frequency set
The woven sieve cloth is continuously vibrated at a uniformly distributed, varying frequency.

These high frequency vibrations reduce frictional resistance between the material particles and the sieve cloth.
This type of sieving support greatly accelerates the sieving process. For some bulk materials sieving is first possible only with a vibration-type
sieve shaker. The special feature of this process is that frequency variation requires no elaborate
modulation of the agitated mechanical system (test sieve) as opposed to the conventional resonance process. The plug-and-play solution allows a simple and flexible vibration of standard test sieves.

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Trickle(Flowability) tester


Metal / Electroformed / Plastic sieve