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Aerosol Generator/Dilutor

KLOTZ The aerosol generator ATM 225 is used for generating test aerosols with defined properties.
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Aerosol Generator/Dilutor
1. Aerosol Generator (model ATM 225) 

  • The aerosol generator ATM 225 is used for generating test aerosols with defined properties. The number concentration of the aerosol particles can be set. From the determined concentration distributions of the produced DEHS aerosol it becomes evident that in the range of expected MPPS (Most Penetration Particle 0.2-0.3 μm) a very high particle concentration is provided (>107 particles/cm3). In the measuring range of many optical particle counters (>0.3-0.5 μm) a particle number (0.5 x 106 l particles/cm3) is generated in line with the requirements. The design and technological features of the device ensure a high stability of particle size distribution and particle concentration. The generated aerosol is thus very well reproducible.
  • The dimensions as well as low weight are ideal for mobile and flexible use. The core of the ATM 225 is an innovative atomizer completely made of stainless steel. It is a dual fabric nozzle working according to the injector principle, which is connected to an impact trap. It ensures that large droplets generated during the atomizing process are immediately returned and basically defines the generated particle size distribution. The compressed air required for atomizing is generated by a noiseless piston compressor. Before entering the atomizer the generated compressed air is cleaned by a HEPA filter. The standard volume flow is set at 250 l/h.
  • Areas of application
  • • An essential area of application of the aerosol generator ATM 225 is the testing of high efficiency filters or the acceptance and control measurements of c, laminar flow boxes and safety workbenches.
  • Technical Details
  • • Method: atomizer
  • • Volume flow: 250 l/h
  • • Particle materials: DEHS, DOP, paraffin
    • Emery 3004
    • Latex suspensions
    • Specification / DEHS
    • >108 particles/cm3
    • 0.2 μm / 2 x 10/7 Part./cm3
    • 0.5 μm / 5 x 10/5 Part./cm3
    • 1 μm / 1 x 10/5 Part./cm3
    • modal value 0.25 μm
    • sample flow 2.5 g/h
  • • Operating time: 80 ml fill: approx. 25 h
  • • Power supply: 12 V/DC power supply
  • • Dimensions (h x w x d): 220 x 300 x 180 mm
  • • Weight / material: 4.5 kg aluminum
2. Dilution system (model VS 100)

  • The dilution system VS 100 is for the defined dilution of aerosols and thus provides the possibility to conduct particle measurements even in the case of very high particle concentrations. This is done by splitting the sample volume flow into 2 partial flows whereby 99% of the actual sample volume flow is directed through a HEPA filter that absorbs virtually all particles contained in the aerosol.
  • This means that only 0.0283 l/min. or 0.01 CFM of the sample volume is fed unfiltered to the particle counter resulting in a dilution ratio of 1:100.
  • Areas of application
  • • Adjustment of the aerosol generator to a defined particle concentration. Measurement of heavily contaminated rooms and environments.
  • Technical Details
  • • Method: bypass
  • • Measuring range: dilution 1:100
  • • Volume flow: 28.3 l/min
  • • Power supply: 9 V/DC block battery/PP3
  • • Dimensions (h x w x d): 190 x 330 x 120 mm
  • • Weight / material: 3.5 kg stainless steel

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