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Air sampler

KLOTZ Universal air sampler for control of microbiological air quality
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Air sampler
Universal air sampler for control of microbiological air quality
  • The air sampler is a measuring instrument for testing the bioburden of the air, which can be used for both the impaction method as well as the filtration method. During the measuring procedure the air is drawn in by a radial fan specifically developed for the FH6 and the flow is automatically kept constant (impeller anemometer). The electronics control the measurement cycle. The sample volume selected via menu key flows in a defined measuring time through the filter attachment or via the Petri dish with the culture medium.
  • In the event of insufficient air flow the device switches off and the display shows Düse zu (nozzle blocked) or Filter verblockt (filter blocked) with the filtration method. In addition, the failure triggers a triple audio signal. In the event of too high air flow rate (device open, no nozzle inserted, filter torn, no filter inserted) the device switches off likewise and the message Schlitz offen (slot open) or Filter defekt (filter defect) is displayed.
  • A fully charged battery allows at least 90 consecutive measurements of 5 min. each.
Areas of application:
  • Hospitals, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and foodstuff industry. Here there are stringent requirements for the bioburden of the ambient air and air conditioning. Bioburden emissions of waste sites, sewage plants and irrigation fields are increasingly attracting attention.
Technical Details:
  • • Method: impaction/filtration
  • • Measuring range : 25-1 000 l
  • • Volume flow: 100 l/min. impaction method, 30 l/min. filtration method, electronically controlled
  • • Particle materials: (number of germs on the Petri dish or on the gelatin filter manually counted after treatment)
  • • Operating time: 7 h battery operation
  • • Power supply: 16.8 V/charge time 4.5 h / 450 mA
  • • Dimensions (h x w x d): 250 x 150 x 150 mm
  • • Weight / material: 3 kg aluminum / titan

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